Medium suitability for conveying purpose.

Exploring ideas of medium appropriateness and suitably for ideas.

Part of this new module will be looking at how one defines what is the best medium suitable to convey the core of a concept or idea as it relates to the project. I am increasingly looking at some form of video to display my completed ideas but I need to clarify the appropriate aspects of my thinking so that the medium is appropriate for conveying the message. I am being drawn to certain elements about the self that seem weaker in other mediums and these small videos are about trying to orientate myself to possibilities or how one medium can convey something better than another.

In this example I am interested in how one might convey attention or the experience of the mind focussing tightly down into one aspect of the world to the exclusion of others. There will obviously be sophisticated professional techniques used in direction and with story to do this but I am looking at trying to achieve things with an iPhone, myself and mundane surroundings. At this stage I am anxious not to over elaborate and to simplify ideas by focusing on an aspect of something and then seeing how I might get that to work within a certain medium. This is very much still part of my interest in how the 'I' operates in the world amongst other I's and how the self is uniquely individual yet fundamentally similar. Attention is a fascinating ability to filter out the entire chaos that surrounds us so that we can actually separate out a sense of being in the world with others. It allows seemingly discreet moments outside of our normal awareness of time. Our senses can sharply focus upon a particular thing, idea or object to the exclusion of the cacophonous flows of visual and audio data streaming around us.

I have already explored photography a little for this project and I am now looking at elements of video and I have also used both processes together. I will begin to explore other areas as well n the coming weeks to examine fit and suitability for certain ideas. As I said I am anxious not to be literal but equally I am anxious to fully explain exploratory ideas with certain mediums and why I think one is more appropriate than the other as a correct conduit for the conveyance of certain messages.


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