McTaggart The unreality of time.

Still can't be spoken of in terms of A or B series.

As I am very new to video and using it as a method or way to express my ideas I have found that I am increasingly looking at it in terms of its reflective temporal qualities. I tend to have little interest in the actual traditional idea of video allowing a flowing narrative or process of story. I find video's attraction for me is in using it to engage with the idea of time passing in the process of watching by the viewer but its structure of past present and future is questionable or 'unreal' in the process of the actual video content or its delivery.

McTaggart was an early 20th century philosopher who proposed explanations of time into 3 series. A series, B series and C series. I was interested in using this as a way to further explore my ideas of how I might communicate later objectives in my project via video which seems to me to be able to intrinsically engage with debates such as McTaggarts. These clips are merely exploratory devices that act as notations for me in hopefully arriving at a point of coherent argument in any finished work. This is a sketchbook that reflects my thinking and in order to work through ideas which can seem very abstract I need to look at the capabilities of various mediums in order that I feel comfortable about using them to convey my thoughts.

In this video sample I have used sound as this repetitive ticking although the ticking sounds loop back on themselves as if time is stuck which mirrors the visual repetitive background. McTaggart's A series explanation of time was events ordered in terms of past present and future and the B series in terms of earlier or later. There exists a central object changing through the passage of time as the video progresses but there also is a surface that disobeys that idea of 'normally' perceived time flow. Further to this of course are the layers of time in terms of past (the making) present (the watching) and future (content marking time passing) and as future in terms of the watching again. These elements are present in all objects but uniquely video can structure the act of the present into an event that makes the viewer consciously aware of such questions when its content breaks from a linear progression or how the viewer normally interprets time.

In watching a recording of time which is captured out of the flow of our conceptual understanding of time in the 'real' world in the sense we don't see objects repeating their positions in time overlaid by objects moving through time it seems we can look further than with other mediums into discussions about how we relate to ideas of past present and future all in one place at one instant. I think that is what increasingly appeals certainly when one is looking at complex ideas of the self and how the multi dimensional can be captured in the right medium. The video is a creative sketch about how one might elaborate more clearly later thinking and part of a process of self discussion to find a place where an idea might eventually coalesce into a fully structured whole.



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