Richard Tuttle, what one’s sculptures resonate with.

Richard Tuttle, Systems, VIII-XII

I seek to pare back my own ideas in sculpture, so that I may more succinctly address meaning. This can however leave one with a sense of anaesthetised coldness particularly when one considers the already sterile nature of the gallery space.

Richard Tuttle, now 71, is certainly an artist whose lifetime of artistic exploration and inventive visual dialogue has managed to avoid harsh sterility with his minimalist sculptural forms. I have wondered if his ability to extract a poetic beauty out of ordinary materials is because he is fundamentally an aesthete who manages to fill his objects with the warmth of his spirit.

He of course has extraordinary knowledge of colour, line, texture, volume, shape, dimension and spacial relationship and thus his work exudes a quiet aesthetic confidence fully content with its position of creation as something far beyond the sum of its often humble parts.

I think it is interesting how one's approach to their art plays itself out within the visceral perceptions of the objects created. I am a minimalist at heart, disliking ornamental flurry and my sculptural pieces are informed from an academic perspective. I think that shows in the cold detachment they exhibit and because they aren't produced from a particular position of aesthetics.

I admire Tuttle's work tremendously because they are so stripped back yet still maintain a life that isn't etherised. Of course Richard Tuttle has been working for over 50 years in a variety of mediums so his visual language will be highly evolved as will the necessary nuances that make his work so influential yet still also uniquely his. As with great musicians that have been hugely influential they will have a distinctive sound that is able to be copied but at the same time impossible to replicate.

As I am someone starting out it is interesting to see artists that have maintained a visual curiosity for many decades and thus can still make relevant work. It is also interesting to see how the essence of the sculptor and the possible methodology with which they come to their work gets transferred into the objects themselves and how subsequently the materials seem to resonate with something that is essentially a part of the artist's spirit.



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