Self confident sculpture.

Visual distortion, ways of seeing.

As my project came to a close I felt I had worked through a wide variety of media and encountered in greater detail a diverse range of artists whose work I find creatively inspiring. Sculpture had come to be the area that I felt I wanted to work in for my final piece and it felt that although I had worked on a number of pieces I still had to finalise the exact presentation and selection of my work.

I focussed more on the internal strength of an individual piece of work rather than specifically now looking to explore the reworking of materials. I still wanted to use material in a diverse way and that altered their normal context but I wasn't as interested in deconstructing them and representing ideas for 'Ways of seeing' as necessarily existing in the altered materials themselves.

I set out with this piece to work upon a geometric idea that might represent ideas of visual field distortion. I also wanted to keep the industrial nature of the works I had previously explored. I think I was merging the reduced form of the New York Abstract school and the geometry of the American formalists with some of the ideas emerging from artists using industrial materials in their work. My use of such materials was clearly simpler, although I had tried to work with materials in more complex ways.

I was interested in the circle as form and in a later blog post I will discuss a pivotal work for me by Giacometti titled 'Suspended Ball'. This was made in 1931 during the period Giacometti was involved with the Surrealist movement. I had tried in a number of the pieces I made to explore the eye and how one might represent distortion of vision which perhaps might also be analogous to distorted perceptions in art. I explored a number of ways of doing this and in the sculpture above I was trying to tighten relationships within the object itself so that as I making, as I mentioned in a previous post, a more self confident piece of sculpture.

I used a variety of plumbing piping and the outer frame of a portable bed and then cut the various pieces to size in order to fit to my idea of a balanced sense of proportion and harmony within the frame itself. I was anxious to add dimensionality such that even on a photograph it would be possible to see the planes crossing and tubing coming out of the sculpture toward the viewer. I still think I was in a painterly frame of mind and perhaps the additional piping coming out from the internal structure was for the purpose of exploring depth and going beyond the frame containing the central form of the sculpture.

For me this was a representational piece representing my own visual battle with straight lines appearing as curved due to my eye disease and I felt it was a creative use of sculpture to in some way address this using elements I explored in other people's work. I wanted my work to have the inherent simplicity of the work I had been discussing but also to be able to stand as an aesthetic object on its own without the viewer necessarily being able to interpret it.

The act of looking at it is very similar to the disorientating effect of my condition and it takes, as in my eye disease, some time for the brain to stabilise the image. The various lengths of lines crossing, intersecting curves and the strong straight horizontal and vertical shapes of the outer frame make it hard to find a place for the eye to rest which is often my personal experience. Looking at this for me is headache inducing as my brain cannot cope with this amount of verticals, horizontals and curves crossing. I see it almost as a wave form moving and I was attempting to convey some of that disorientation in the work.

I personally think it has an internal confidence and I like the idea and I feel it shows a development that would naturally arise from the notes taken and the reading I have done over the last 12 weeks. I also feel it is consistent with the themes I have addressed in my blog. It is certainly more at the 'trash' end of art where one is recycling materials and placing them into new contexts and I am happy that this is a place the final stages of my work seem to be ending up in.

I would have liked to express more through material deconstruction but I feel that I spent a solid 3 weeks exploring that idea and worked with some interesting materials that ultimately did not work for me. I don't feel that was a mistake and in fact I look forward at degree level to working much more with industrial materials and manipulating them into new structures and forms.

I feel my skill currently seems to lie in an ability to work with existing objects and in some way managing to creatively repurpose them either as a new arrangement of forms or as an installation where the existing forms may stay essentially in tact. I need to learn new skills with regard to the processes of making as such, so that I may work with materials beyond the simple methods of say just cutting and joining.

I think this piece contains the seeds of a more confident ability to arrange and create relationships between elements within a sculptural form and I am happy that I made some progress in this regard. The concept is a simple one and I am probably more pleased with the creative idea fitting the project context than I might necessarily be with the finished form but I do feel it has merit and I also feel in some way my final piece will contain this sense of balance and form without the necessity as in this case of a surrounding holding frame.


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