Seascape. Kynance Cove in storm. Plastic bag & Brown Paper.

Paint applied via Plastic bags. & torn brown parcel paper.

I have found it interesting to work with non traditional materials and to use those in relation to paint and the canvas space. In this seascape I used graffiti spray paint applied to the inside of plastic bags and built up rubbed and daubed layers of paint onto canvas. I then placed brown parcel wrap paper directly onto the wet surface and pressed, pulling the paper roughly across the canvas. Some of the paper stuck and created dimension and jagged surfaces.

I was thinking how I might address surfaces such as rock in a way that might simulate the texture and the huge variance of colour that runs through it. I always like to try different ways of seeing what might happen when paint is applied other than by brush. I decided initially to use plastic bags as I had a lot that were in my studio. I turned the bags inside out and sprayed graffiti paint directly onto the surface of the plastic, then applied this to the canvas. It was very hard to predict initially what this may create on the canvas surface but that is part of the interest for me.

I built up the base earth tones by dragging and rubbing. I then applied the brown paper where I wanted some depth and to create rocks at the bottom of the canvas and a brooding sky at the top. As I became more confident I could use paint on the plastic bag to create the white sea spray by quickly daubing heavier amounts of paint then dragging. I used this technique equally on the brown paper that had stuck to the surface of the canvas.

The painting is built of 4 colours matte spray blue, white and brown and a spray grey gloss. The grey gloss acted as a very effective sticky base that the brown paper easily attached to. It probably acted too well and I pressed the paper on too hard in some instances and it was then impossible to get the paper off once torn. This led to difficulties creating and forming shapes later. There is evidence of this near the top right side where here are 2 sharp diagonals which I would prefer not to be there. I imagine however painting with plastic bags and brown wrapping paper for the first time one is going to find lots of problems.

Tearing the brown paper from the surface is interesting and I imagine this is a similar technique used in collage although obviously done a lot more precisely than I have done and glue would be used rather than actually attaching the paper by the paint.



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