Studio Photography & Hand painted Photoshop

Studio shot, hand painted makeup photoshop.

Studio shot, hand painted makeup photoshop

Two recent examples of developing concepts via additional Photoshop work from basic studio lighting set ups. All of the make up was hand painted after the shoot in Photoshop rather than initially applied to the model's skin.

The lighting used was a 3 light Elinchrom set up with a Lastolite cube acting as the background. In both samples lighting was even and low contrast allowing a fairly narrow stop difference between the highlights and shadows, this enabled me to hold as much detail in both for the work in Photoshop.

The images were shot on a Nikon D 70 which has a 6 million pixel sensor, which is considered low by even camera phone standards. The lens used was a 50m Nikon prime thus in conjunction with good lighting, appropriate modifiers and proper control in Photoshop one can see the possibilities of even a fairly low technical set up to produce clean higher grade output.



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